Starting today, I’m on vacation. But I’m not going anywhere. Or perhaps I should say that any trips I take will be inside my own head. The point is I won’t be going to the office for a couple weeks or so. I haven’t had a vacation since campus reopened in January, and frankly I could use one. I need to get my head together. As I remarked to Michael at last night’s planning meeting, my whole life seems to revolve around establishing and breaking routines. I crave the structure of a routine but I also crave the freedom of breaking out when it gets stale. And I’m in a bit of a rut now. So I am taking a long trip to nowhere, going on an extended tour of my own personal headspace. If you don’t hear from me after two weeks, send out a search party.

  1. me too! but we’re going to Playa Del Carmen…it’s our first “true vacation” since Katrina…the others have all been related to work and no more than 3 nights in one place…not this time 7 nights in the Riveria Maya! We’re going to sort our lives as well…a lot has changed since then…including our ‘future in Louisiana’ which once included buying a home in New Orleans…oh, how life is full of curve balls…happy vacation. Go get a roast beef from Parkway…

  2. You are the joy of Christmas morning, and flying reindeer. You are a Carl Sagan speech wrapped up in a card trick. Wonder is only beatiful because it’s real – you better remember that on your vacation fool!

  3. Hey, B

    That two weeks is up, some of us are jonesin’ out here! Ha Ha

    Thankfully, I have many hours of old J&B on the Rox episodes I recorded in the mid-nineties to get me through this little dry spell.

    Really, I hope you are enjoying your break from a few of life’s many demands


  4. Aye. Same here. Missed your posts, but I too am willing to break out of my rut as well. Taking a cruise. Sounds utterly conventional I know giving in to this consumerist escape where portly tourists offload onto well-trodden resorts after having stuffed their faces full of buffet food. Hmmm the more I write this the less eager I am to go now. Well, need a break from the toil and grind anyway. Hope the boat stays afloat.

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