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I recently learned that the library here at the University has a stockpile of a few hundred educational filmstrips from the 50s and 60s. They’re getting rid of them, selling them to some company that extracts the silver.

I guess that’s better than just throwing them away. I guess they don’t have much real value. Over at Etsy someone is selling packs of eight for $2.50.

But I had to grab a few as souvenirs. These things are interesting to me.

Four Titles

Titles: “Two Decades of Cold War,” “Black Treasures,” “Look at Your Future,” “The Population Explosion,” “The Next Twenty Years.”

New Cities in Space

More pix here.

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  1. Ooooohhhh! Those things are rich in cultural history, good, bad, and downright hilarious. I hope, at least, that there is an archive of these somewhere, and that what are being destroyed are only copies…

  2. What a cool find. Did they have the audio cassettes that went with them? If they did, you could scan in the filmstrips and synch up the audio.. filmstrips on the net..

  3. Jana Jana

    That’s a shame! As Kelly says, those are rich in history and culture. Perhaps it’s not as dire, but it reminds me of how some photographic prints from the Civil War were used as greenhouse windows.

  4. I used to love it when the teacher pulled out the old film strip projector.

    I wonder if there is a filmstrip archive somewheere. Most of those things must be long gone by now.

  5. Lee Lee

    If I could get my hands on a machine, I could digitize them for ya B! Those sure do hold some early school memories for me as well.

  6. cajun cajun

    Oh, How I wish they didn’t sell these. They are very rare and contain much historical data – much of it now debunked – but they are treasures from the past. I used to produce and do the voice-over on many of them.

    Glad you saved a few. Hold on to them.

    btw: i am a transplanted stumpjumper and have been lurking on a few NOLA sites since Katrina. I am so very proud of you folks.

  7. Kelly Kelly

    I am looking for a vintage filmstrip about two ladies that made pancakes so good that the people that ate them saw polka dots and heard music. They ended up getting a crowd of people that desired the pancakes. I can’t remember anything else about that filmstrip, but we loved it so much. If anyone knows what it is called or where I can find it, please let me know.
    Thank you,

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