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Dollar Bill Sighting

I went to grab some lunch at Minnie’s and was surpised to see lights and a camera crew and some well-dressed people milling about. Next thing I know Congressman William Jefferson is shaking my hand.

He’s been in the news a lot lately, and not for anything nice. So as he shook my hand, I didn’t think about how he’s been in office for 16 years. I didn’t think about how he was our first African-American congressman since Reconstruction. I didn’t think of his reputation as a serious lawmaker. All I could think was, “the FBI found $90K in his freezer.”

It’s sad, really.

But it was great to see Minnie’s in the spotlight, however briefly. The lady behind the counter (Minnie herself?) joked that I got it all started for them when I posted about their opening on the Mid-City Neighborhood Organization’s website.

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  1. Dollar Bill better not even try to shake my hand. I helped during his last two elections, and with what this past Summer has revealed, I can’t stand the man any longer.

    I’m voting for Carter.

  2. Garvey Garvey

    I know this has nothing to do w/ Dollar Bill, but do you have any comment on the crazy bastard who killed his GF and then committed suicide the other day? I figured you’d have some insight into the story.

  3. Sorry Garvery, no insight here, and little to say, except that guy was batshit crazy. But you already figured that part out. He didn’t just kill her, he dismembered and cooked her. It was on the front page today.

  4. Garvey Garvey

    Thanks, man. I kinda expected a thoughful post, bathed in pathos, about how this kind of thing, while completely nuts, is evident of what may be roiling beneath the surface during this long effort. Y’know, that kind of thing.

  5. Julie Julie


    Please take a look at post # 3327 on the Mid-City forum ( Is that the building on the corner of Jeff Davis & Bienville?
    (I’m writing from GA otherwise I’d drive by there myself).

  6. The murder house is two doors down from our favorite bar. The guy actually bartended for a while there. I had met the murdered woman a few times there.

    I can’t answer for the guy. He stayed away from me.

    It’s just tragic.

  7. Ray Ray

    It’s tempting to find a Deeper Message in every little thing, but sometimes a batshit crazy murderous bastard is just a batshit crazy murderous bastard.

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