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Curse of the Middle Finger

Xy had to drive herself to the emergency room yesterday morning. She sliced her finger open with a scissors, and it just wouldn’t stop bleeding. She bled all over the school, and finally they sent her to the hospital. Fortunately she didn’t need stitches. They just used that Dermabond stuff.

Of course it took all day. I told her if she needed a day off, she didn’t have to cut herself.

Strangely enough, it’s the middle finger on her left hand. I sliced the same finger on my hand a couple weeks ago, at just about the same angle and location. But Xy’s cut was a little deeper.

Of course I teased her about how she won’t be able to communicate with her students now.

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  1. I cut my middle left finger a few years ago while stabbing the pit of an avacado. Had to have 4 stitches. The worst part was the doc trying to get my ring off without having to cut it. Oogie.

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