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The most interesting thing Xy and I did over the weekend was to attend the premiere bout of the Big Easy Rollergirls at Mardi Gras World. Good thing we bought tickets in advance: It was sold out.

Xy pretty much demanded that we go, and given that she’s generally too preoccupied with teaching to do anything fun, I certainly didn’t argue. I went for the spectacle but was pleasantly surprised to discover the game itself was quite compelling. I can’t think when I’ve so enjoyed a sporting event. I didn’t take a camera, but Michael did, and he’s posted pix. Schroeder did a radio interview with some of the Rollergirls, and he posted pix too.

The hard part is picking a favorite player, because there were a lot of slick moves out there. I think Cherry Pi and Marquee de Squad and Illegally Blonde were the best skaters. I liked how all the players (and even the refs) customized their uniforms, but no one looked better on the track than #C8H18, Vandal O’Riley. That counts for plenty in my book.

Final score: Aints 123, Hor-Nots 128.

Afterward there was more spectacle outside the venue, as we watched a freight train grind to a halt because some bozo parked on the tracks. Then we made our way to the Kingpin to celebrate Loki’s 40th.

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  1. Sounds like great fun. Sorry we missed it. I was busy wheezing…

  2. You know Vandal O’Reilly is an old, dear friend of mine….

  3. Hey, our leagues could play each other! Eventually.

    The team we sponsor just won the championship yesterday!

  4. Ruffit Ruffit

    Thanks for coming and sort of looking out for my kids while I skated.
    L.M. Ruffit

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