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The most interesting thing Xy and I did over the weekend was to attend the premiere bout of the Big Easy Rollergirls at Mardi Gras World. Good thing we bought tickets in advance: It was sold out.

Xy pretty much demanded that we go, and given that she’s generally too preoccupied with teaching to do anything fun, I certainly didn’t argue. I went for the spectacle but was pleasantly surprised to discover the game itself was quite compelling. I can’t think when I’ve so enjoyed a sporting event. I didn’t take a camera, but Michael did, and he’s posted pix. Schroeder did a radio interview with some of the Rollergirls, and he posted pix too.

The hard part is picking a favorite player, because there were a lot of slick moves out there. I think Cherry Pi and Marquee de Squad and Illegally Blonde were the best skaters. I liked how all the players (and even the refs) customized their uniforms, but no one looked better on the track than #C8H18, Vandal O’Riley. That counts for plenty in my book.

Final score: Aints 123, Hor-Nots 128.

Afterward there was more spectacle outside the venue, as we watched a freight train grind to a halt because some bozo parked on the tracks. Then we made our way to the Kingpin to celebrate Loki’s 40th.

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