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Signs of Life

I know I mentioned this a couple weeks ago, but I thought I’d plug it again because my copy just arrived in the mail. Now that I’ve actually seen the book I can vouch for its quality.

I’m talking about Signs of Life. It’s a book of photos taken in New Orleans and around the Gulf Coast after Katrina. The photos depict the hand-painted signs which sprang up all over the area in the wake of the disaster.

My photo has the distinction of being the only sign which was painted before the storm.

Dare You Katrina

It’s not a big book, but it’s powerful. I’m surprised that this series of images carries such an emotional impact without showing a single person. The signs tell the story of Katrina in a way that is fresh and very human, with many surprises and details that made me think, and laugh, and cry.

Profits from the sale of the book go to Common Ground Relief and Hands On Network, two organizations that continue to do good work here in the devastated region. I highly recommend buying your own copy today.

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  1. Jon Jon

    How did do with the color photos? I do most of my black/white text-only books with them, but I’ve always been curious what the quality and paper was like on a color book.

  2. I just got my copy, and I second that emotion. And the color photos look great.

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