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  1. Greg Fisherkeller Greg Fisherkeller

    There is a chance that it is not a leak from the roof. It may be from built up moisture in the roof framing. There may be ways to alleviate the problem without tearing off your roof.

  2. What a bitch!! I hope it’s easily fixed.

    I had a leak right under my upstairs bathroom a week after I moved into my house. Couldn’t find the source for the longest time. Five years later, the kitchen ceiling still looks like crap.

    I can’t believe the info about the fema-media-trailer rules. Unbelieveable. What will the fema person do, censure you?

  3. A lot of people are beginning to find out whether or not their roof work was done properly. My son has been house-sitting for his dad and I had to bring him three buckets last week because he’d used every pot in the house to catch the many streams of water dripping from the ceiling. The roof that was supposed to have been fixed months ago. Unfortunately, there was nothing my son could do about the water that poured through two of the windows because of gutters that had been improperly installed three days earlier. If he hadn’t been at the house, my ex would have lost a lot of property, including about 300 vintage LPs.

    Sometimes it just seems like this madness will never end.

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