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There was only one Q movie on my alphabetical list: Quest for Fire (1982). If I had time for research I suspect I’d discover some serious philosophical issues with this film, but all the same I was deeply impressed by the ambition and imagination at work here. The dawn of humanity is a fascinating topic, rarely touched upon in cinema. I even went so far as to watch this film a second time with the director’s commentary, something I rarely do, and it remained a compelling experience. I have to give this one top marks for sheer audacity.

Unfortunately I added Quatermass and the Pit (1968) to my list at the last minute. Great science fiction concept, poorly executed. This one is crying out for a remake.

Of course, my list does not include films I’ve aleady seen. I’d already suffered through Q: The Winged Serpent, for example, many years ago. It’s not campy, it’s just bad.

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  1. Scott Scott

    You must add Ladies in Lavender to your list. Starring Maggie Smith and Judi Densch, it’s set between WWI and WWII somewhere in backwater coastal Britain. It begins with two sisters finding a guy washed up on the beach. There’s a musical element that is very terrific. It never made the theaters in the US.

  2. Have you see Clan of the Cave Bear? Now while I thoroughly enjoyed the book, the film was complete and total hogwash. I turned it off within the first 20 mins. Quest for Fire made me think of Clan.

    I remember watching it thinking, “This is Tommy Chong’s daughter? Holy sh*t!”

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