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A Festive Weekend

Imagine walking into a party full of people you’ve never met, but whom you know more or less intimately because they’ve been pouring their hearts out into their writing.

Brian, Lisa & Michael

That’s what the Geek Dinner was like. Although there were some programmers and other geeky types there, this event was dominated by bloggers. And as we all know bloggers are a special kind of geek.

I wish I could write more, but time presses, and fortunately others have written more eloquently than I could: Dangerblond, Adrastos, Maitri, Morwen, Loki, Oyster, Kalypso, Ray, Ashley, Sophmom, Lisa and especially Schroeder, who really articulates what this event meant. Thanks to Alan for playing host, and thanks to everyone for being there. I had a blast.

It was hard to top the Geek Dinner, but I think the Clay Therapy & BBQ on Saturday might have done it.

Clay Therapy

MaPó Kinnord-Payton is a ceramic artist, a co-worker, a neighbor and a friend. She came up with the idea for this event a year or two ago — a very simple idea: to invite the University community to play around with clay as a means of relieving some stress and having some fun.

In our crazy post-Katrina environment, this idea seemed better than ever, so I did most of organizational work to make the event happen, including fronting about $300 dollars of my own money for clay and food. I also had to cook lunch for about 35 people! It was great fun, and thoroughly exhausting.

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  1. Hey, B, that was a great time at the bbq. Are you getting reimbursed for the food and clay? If not, I’ll be more than glad to pitch in. I had no idea it wasn’t covered by the Center. You did a great job on it all, but I hope you’ll photoshop my double chin out of those pix.

  2. Sorry for the confusion. I will be getting reimbursed, natch. I had to front the money because we don’t seem to have any better way to release funds. Of course, the reimbursement process here is a big pain too, but it’s better than not getting reimbursed at all.

  3. Very cool. Having one’s hands in clay is somehow primal and deeply satisfying (and therefore, therapeutic). I hope you didn’t end up having to clean up the mess afterwards, too.

    It was great meeting you at the Geek dinner. Thanks for the shout out.

  4. Tim Tim

    I guess I missed a good one! My Darling Wife and Precious Daughter were headed out of town Saturday morning, so we spent the evening at home. Next time for sure. (Please have a “next time.”)



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