I recently finished Meditation as Contemplative Inquiry by Arthur Zajonc. Here are a few brief notes. It’s rare for me to finish a book and immediately think I need to start over at the beginning and read it again. Yet that’s the case here. I found this book engaging and compelling yet increasingly challenging. I’m […]

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Imagine walking into a party full of people you’ve never met, but whom you know more or less intimately because they’ve been pouring their hearts out into their writing. That’s what the Geek Dinner was like. Although there were some programmers and other geeky types there, this event was dominated by bloggers. And as we […]

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It’s Quiet Day again, here at the university. And I must say it is quiet on campus. I like the idea of Quiet Day — a day when nothing is supposed to happen. That’s my kind of day. Of course people try to take advantage. Schedules are so full, and Quiet Day seems like an […]

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It comes but twice a year, here at the university: Quiet Day. It’s the day after the classes end but before finals begin. I’d like to think of Quiet Day as a sacred time of mystical contemplation. The reality is that, since I don’t teach or study, it’s really just another day at work for […]

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