Today is the fourteenth anniversary of the premiere of the very first episode of ROX.

In honor of this august yet shameful occasion, I’m posting a song by Scott Evans, fortuitously titled “Fourteen Years” (mp3, 1.5 MB) — although to be honest the title is a sheer coincidence. This was recorded live at the Neutral Ground here in New Orleans just a couple week ago by yours truly.

Now who wants to start a campaign for a National ROX Day every July 11th? I’d do it myself, but I’m far too shy for such self-aggrandizement. Not to mention humble.

  1. If ROX was a kid, they’d already have a myspace page and be shopping at Hot Topic. Shit, that makes me feel old. (Esp since my first book was set in B’ton in 1992, and it seems like a month ago.)

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