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  1. Mike The Mathematician Mike The Mathematician

    Look, if you told me not to stick my dick in a light socket, that’s the first thing I’d do.

    This attitude makes me uneasy. When I hear people talk about how the folk in Nola should have known better than to live in a flood plane, how they should have been better prepared, how they’ve done nothing to help themselves, it’s usually from people who, through no thought of their own…by accident really…live in places where they don’t suffer natural disasters like hurricanes. These people like to talk about how last year a tornado blazed through town and they got things back up and running in no time. But, I don’t think they understand the difference between ten businesses being affected by a tornado and an entire city/infrastructure being completely knocked offline.

    I think the video is racist.

  2. MF MF

    I watched it and made a comment. I signed up as NamiNavigator, since all the variants of MF were taken. My comment (and I originally more, but it was too long):

    >Hmmm … so “they” were stuck in the Superdome, yet “they” managed >to steal all this stuff outside of it? “They” must have really impressive >powers! “They” can be in more than one place at one time! Either that, >or your use of “they” is improper.

    >My friends from NO came home to destroyed property and dead >neighbors. They were all better off before their houses were hovels. >You’d better belive the dead people were better off before the storm too.

  3. Michael Michael

    I watched it and now I’m mad. Mad as hell I tell you. I need to figure out a way to quit paying federal taxes.

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