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Trailerz N the Hood

Poles, Dozer, House

A mysterious construction project is underway on Bienville between Salcedo and Lopez, a block from our house. A neighbor told me they’re building 30 homes which will be sold for $125K each. I thought that was interesting, so I went over Sunday and asked about it. I didn’t much care for the reception I got: I was told not to walk down the street (Lopez) even though it’s not blocked off, and it’s a city street, after all. In fact they wouldn’t talk to me until I went back to Bienville. Two guys told me they didn’t have any idea what they were going to build, which I find hard to swallow. They gave me a number for a Chris Salmons (??? — they seemed unsure of his last name). I called the number and got The Shaw Group. I spoke to Mr. Salmons, and though he didn’t know what the site was at first, he checked and got back with me yesterday: It’s going to be a trailer site.


Well, that’s fine by me. Some people seem to have a not-in-my-backyard mentality. Not us. Bring ’em on. A lot of New Orleanians are still homeless, and they need places to stay, and this seems like a pretty reasonable location. It will be nice to have more people around.

But do the construction workers have to be such pricks about it?

Prediction: This block will still be chock-full of trailers in March 2007.

Update: A few hours after posting I passed by the site again and was amazed to see the trailers on site already.

Shiny New Trailers

That was quick. Gravel in the morning, trailers by late afternoon.

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  1. a a

    Any chance Oprah’s criticism of the last few days stepped it up a notch?
    She specifically mentioned the lack of trailers.

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