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Clean Bill of Health

Some while back I signed up with the Preservation Resource Center to have our house inspected by an expert. Today, it happened. I was visited by an architect and an engineer, Remi and Bill, volunteers from San Francisco. They were quite taken with our house, but more importantly they didn’t see any major problem arising from the flood damage. This was a relief to me, as I’ve been a little nervous ever since my neighbor insisted all these flooded homes would have major structural issues in a few years. In fact, Remi and Bill said our house was in the best shape of any they’d inspected so far.

Remi & Bill

Thanks, guys!
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  1. What about YOU, the missus, and the cat?
    I hope that all the mold, rats, etc. ’round town aren’t compromising your vigour [sorry, i’m a hopeless anglophile].

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