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There were snow flurries when we departed Indiana this morning. Yikes. Looks like we’re getting out while the getting is good.

We are renting a second car for this trip, just for the sake of getting all our crap back home. I’m driving the rental; Xy has the cats with her.

This arrangement provides an unexpected advantage: It is actually much less stressful for Xy and I to be in separate vehicles.

For example, there was no one to bitch at me when I missed the exit to I-55 near Sikeston, Missouri, and only realized it 25 miles later.

Now we’re holed up in Grenada, Mississippi, for the evening, watching Hard Target on Spike TV. I’m no fan of Jean Claude van Damme, but anyone familiar with this flick will understand the strange fascination it holds for us.

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  1. Sonya and I did that kind of trek for 1000 miles. I had the rental truck with my car being towed and she had her car with cat. We communicated all the way to Providence with walkie-talkies. It was actually kind of fun. On the move to Chicago from Providence we sold both cars and bought a new one and just towed that.

  2. I’ve enjoyed reading about your life post Katrina. We have taken the Katrina tour of America as well. We are now residing in Monroe, LA., the heart of the Louisiana bible belt, thanks to my job with the state. At least I’m only 4 1/2 hours from the city I love. We drove in last weekend just to have dinner at Taqueria Corona and Lebanon Cafe. Oy!

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