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Letter to the People of Bloomington

Just submitted this letter to the Herald-Times:

My wife and I sought refuge in Bloomington some ten weeks ago when we evacuated New Orleans. The community here has been both gracious and generous. It’s hardly been a vacation, but the people of Bloomington have made our stay here as pleasant as possible.

As we prepare to return to New Orleans permanently, our thoughts are on the future. There is much to be done to restore our property, to get our lives in order and to rebuild our city.

Before we leave, we wanted to express our gratitude to all the people of Bloomington. It’s impossible to thank all the individuals who have helped us, but I did want to mention three organizations: Family Solutions, Harmony School and the Beth Shalom Jewish Community Center were very generous in donating supplies and cash, which I delivered to the Common Ground Collective in New Orleans.

Common Ground is still in need of supplies and volunteers. More information can be found at their website,

There is one more thing we might ask of your readers. Please, contact your congressional representatives and let them know that you support the fullest federal commitment to the rebuilding of New Orleans.

We’re taking off. See y’all in the funny pages!

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