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The room we’ve taken to calling the “craft room” in our house used to be a kitchen. The previous owners built a new kitchen upstairs, but left the old cabinets, with sink, downstairs.

We never liked those cabinets. They were cheap and somewhat nasty. After the flood they were very nasty. Particle board doesn’t hold up well after being submerged in water for a couple weeks.

So it was somewhat satisfying to rip those damn cabinets out today. Getting the sink out was especially fun.

I also raked debris out from the walkway that runs along the side of our house. It may not fetch much in Nantucket market, but it fetches a great premium here! (Smites chest.) Seeing that debris every day was depressing. After raking I swept the area. Ended up filling about three garbage bags.

I met another neighbor! Charles was back for the day, checking on his house. As far as I know, he is the only black guy on the block who owns the house he lives in. Most of our neighbors rent. He said he’s coming back, but doesn’t imagine his house will be inhabitable for six to twelve months.

I had my first MRE for lunch. Chicken with cavatelli. Mmm.

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  1. Funny, that MRE might have been made here in Evansville.
    A friend works at the local factory, she started around the time of the hurricane, so she felt glad that what she was doing would help those in NO.

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