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Further Delay

The scratchy throat passed. It was followed by a runny nose, which lasted for a day, but has passed now too. Many people have confirmed this is a bad time for allergies in this part of the country.

Yet I still haven’t departed for New Orleans. That’s because I talked to my insurance adjuster and we scheduled a meeting at my house Tuesday afternoon. I don’t want to clean up too much more before he sees the place. So I delayed going down.

I had anticipated driving down this past Tuesday, so I could be there when my neighborhood officially opened on Wednesday. Now it looks like I’ll drive down tomorrow, Sunday, five days later.

The delays have been driving me a little crazy.

I keep thinking about our house, about the craft room in particular. We didn’t clean that up at all. It was nasty and it’s been getting nastier. I keep imagining the mold spreading and taking over.

Also, what’s up with my roof? My friend Scott Speake alerted me to Operation Blue Roof by the Army Corps of Engineers. They put tarps on damaged roofs. In order to authorize them to go on my property, I had to fill out a Right of Entry form. They faxed it to the high school where my mother-in-law works, and she signed it for me and faxed it back, as per my instructions. Only when I got the paperwork from her I discovered they’d misspelled the name of my street: Falcedo instead of Salcedo. I’ve made a few follow-up calls but I still don’t know if they actually put a tarp on my roof or not.

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  1. mark gstohl mark gstohl

    I tried to do the blue roof sign-up in St Charles Parish Friday and was told that Nagin had signed a blanket order. She said teams were going around NO and putting on roofs. Bad news is that both my neighbors got blue roofs but not me. Hope your trip is successful!

    BTW–I’m kind of freaked out because I am writing this in a Krystal in Nashville. Should I worry about doing work from an unsecured wireless connection from Krystal?

  2. Scott Scott

    More than 18,000 Blue Roofs have been installed in Orleans Parish. In the State of Louisiana, Operation Blue Roof provides a free temporary roof to residential structures, schools, day cares and all publicly owned facilities. These temporary roofs are plastic sheeting and allow occupants to return and remain in their homes and facilities. The temporary roofs will provide short-term relief until the owner can make permanent repairs. This program does not install temporary roofs on metal, tile, slate, asbestos slate or flat roofs. If a home does not qualify under the Blue Roof Program, citizens may go to the local disaster relief centers to receive blue tarps for their homes.

    Bart I don’t know what program you applied for or which is which. Sorry

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