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I know school’s back in session, cuz I can hear the Warren Easton High School Marching Band. Right now they’re directly in front of our house, playing “Sweet Dreams Are Made of This.” It’s a good thing I like that song. I’ll be hearing it pretty much every day from now until Mardi Gras.

They are LOUD and surprisingly tight for this early in the school year.

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  1. Jennifer Rious, one of the teachers at Warren Easton, has set up a “Warren Easton in Exile” blog at . (I’m helping her out.) You can see the progress of reuniting the students there, and we have one of your pictures of the band on the front page (thanks for the permission to use it!)


  2. Brittney Brittney

    Im a former student of warren easton, class of 07. I am also a band member and this page caught my eye. Your memory has created a smile on my face. Thanks.

  3. Here’s the picture Ed mentioned:

    Warren Easton

  4. […] They were standing at parade rest, and the instructors were scolding them to stop talking and pay attention. This got me to thinking about the fact that their program is probably starting over essentially from scratch. When they passed by our house on the Thursday before Katrina, they were playing songs. Now they seem to be working on fundamentals. I didn’t even hear a horn. Will they be ready in time for Mardi Gras? […]

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