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Xy’s making her famous salsa:


It’s so good it’s actually been featured on television. So what’s she making such a big batch for? No, it’s not the fucking Super Bowl. It’s Samedi Gras — Fat Saturday.

Granted, the real Samedi Gras action is up on Orleans Avenue in Parkview. We drove past tonight and observed people camped out on the neutral ground there, and on Carrollton, and even on Canal. That’s just plain crazy. Who wants to wait all night in the cold just to see a parade?

But we’re having our own Samedi Gras party right in here in the middle of Mid-City. That’s why Xy’s making her salsa. That’s why I got a keg of Andy Gator. I’ll be making a massive quantity of gumbo tomorrow.

All readers of this blog should consider themselves invited. Doors open at 2:00 pm and festivities continue until whenever. Need directions? Just ask.

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  1. FUCK! We totally got lost on the way over, and took a left at Austin instead of just going straight. Then there was a big fucking hangup at the border – the damn canadians couldn’t get it through their heads that we were headed to NO for Samedi Gras. I’m sorry, man.

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