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Turkey Prep


Jaylene Marsh came to visit us for Thanksgiving. She drove down from Indianapolis yesterday, and today she took this picture with her phone and e-mailed it to me. I posted the picture to Flickr. (Thanks, Rachel, for turning me on to the site.) So this is my first real attempt to post from Flickr to my blog, and thus to the roxlyst.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous

    I was actually thinking of Jaylene Marsh the other day, although I’ve only ever met her once. I got a pair of her old blue L.L.Bean corduroys at a clothes swap once. I brought them to China with me, and they still look great! In fact, I get compliments sometimes when I wear them.

  2. polly polly

    um, so when will we see the inevitable juxtaposed pictures of the turkey flaps next to granny punanny? hey–she started it.i need sleep.

  3. Hi B.Rox,

    I knew Jaylene when she was nanny to kids in Hampstead London (1999-2000 – I think?). Wondered how she was after all this time … lost touch … moved around a bit from London to LA and back many times …

    Enjoyed your site. Great blog!

    If you see, or speak with Jaylene I still have a book I bought for her (I think?) – Christa WOLF – “Parting With Phantoms”. I’ll be glad to send it on.

    By the way, JM is senior in what class?

    Liked the pix (with 1/4 left glass … typical!)

    All the best,

    Tym Quarman

  4. Jaylene Marsh Jaylene Marsh

    I tried to find Tym on the web, with no luck. all emails and websites are no longer active links. tym, are you anywhere out there?

  5. Kris Vierregger Kris Vierregger

    Tym gave me a copy of Christa Wolf, too. That was a long time ago, but if he’s still around, I’d like to know.

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