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Van Cast 1

Van vanished for almost 24 hours the other day, and when he returned he had a wounded paw. We tried treating it ourselves, but this morning Xy noticed that the paw had the “stink of death,” so she took him to the vet. He is now hobbling around the house somewhat pathetically, with his leg in a big clumsy bandage. This photo is a bit out of focus, but seemed to capture the pathos.

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  1. polly polly

    it is recommended that you keep a close eye on black cats ’round halloween.
    wannabe satanic teens will do things to them.
    shelters won’t give out black cats at this time for this very reason.
    apparently there have been “incidents”.

  2. MF MF

    These past few months have been bad for leg injuries and cat problems. First I broke my left foot, and then a week later Kitty None, now called Pete and owned by John Weber broke his back left leg! Then on a trip to the vet he ran away and hasn’t been seen since! Now your poor cat has hurt his back leg, although this time it’s the right one. Strange.

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