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I can now add “rodent disposal technician” to my job description.

I was at the art village here at the university, for a video shoot that didn’t happen, when a mouse was spotted by a student. It was cowering under a shelf. MaPó, the instructor, got a sticky trap that the Physical Plant had issued her this morning, and she shoved it under the shelf, then prodded the mouse so that it ran onto the trap. Its little nose got stuck immediately, and it squeaked in terror.

MaPó called the Physical Plant. They said they’d send someone tomorrow.

So I volunteered to dispose of the mouse myself. I grabbed the trap and dropped it in a paper bag. The mouse was very cute, and I felt very sad. Then I dropped the bag in the dumpster.

Postscriptum: Today is All Saint’s Day, which used to be a holiday here at this Catholic institution, but this year it’s not. This place is getting more Protestant all the time.

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