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Knee Update

On Saturday, what with some early morning bed-wrestling and climbing around on a ladder, I managed to bang my knee a few times, and it leaked a little blood.

By Sunday morning the scab had popped halfway off.

Halfway Off

But not all the way! It jutted out from my knee at an absurd angle, flapping like a piece of bacon taped to my leg.

All day it seemed as if it would fall off, but it didn’t.

This morning I got up early and jogged around the bayou. Still the scab clung on. I rode to work on our rickety spare bike; I rode back for lunch and picked up my regular bike from the shop (new brakes); I rode back to work; I rode home. Still the scab clung on!

But just barely.

So I took a bath, and after a nice long soak, I gave it a gentle twist. It was almost completely detached now. A full 180 degree twist and it came off.


Free at last! But not completely healed yet. I wonder if another scab will form.

At Xy’s suggestion I have kept the scab. The picture is too gross to even look at. So don’t.

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