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Outside Chances

We’re now outside the projected cone of possibility.

Outside the Cone

That’s nice, but it hardly means we’re safe. Hundreds of thousands of wiser people have left, but hundreds of thousands of fools remain. Fools, and of course the poor, people who have no way to get out.

Xy and I moved all the potted plants in front of our house to the shelter of our downstairs porch, and parked the car . We have brought most of our valuables up to the second floor: old journals, ROX tapes, etc. I’ll grab a few more things, like the CPU of Xy’s old Mac, if flood waters appear.

The city has opened up the Superdome as a shelter for people with special needs, and they’re considering whether or not to open shelters for the general public. Curfew goes in effect at 2pm. Homan said he’ll come by around noon for a drink. We’re out of hurricane mix, bit we’ll scare up something.

I expect heavy rains at the very least, probably starting in a few hours. There’s a good chance we’ll lose power. We have plenty of water, food, batteries, and other such supplies. But whenever it rains heavily, BellSouth seems to have trouble with my Internet connection. This could be my last post for a while.

Winds are picking up now…

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  1. […] Except for my journals. A year ago, when Ivan threatened, I had the foresight to bring them upstairs. We didn’t even evacuate that time. This time, when we did evacuate, I left them in a cardboard box on the floor downstairs. They are assuredly destroyed. […]

  2. […] Ivan threatened back in 2004, only the foolish and the poor remained. We were foolish, but we got lucky. I told myself if we’d had a child we’d have […]

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