I am so proud to be named one of the Urban Conservancy‘s 2014 Urban Heroes. What, me a hero? I am not much afflicted with the infamous vice of false modesty, but I have to admit this makes me blush just a little. Yes, the Lafitte Greenway in now under construction, but after all, I […]

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Here’s a nasty tale of corporate intrigue. First, check out this editorial from the Urban Conservancy about the Walgreens which is being built at Carrollton and Canal. I used to serve on the board of the Urban Conservancy, as well as Mid-City Neighborhood Organization; I was contacted for input on the editorial but can’t take […]

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I seem to have gotten myself onto the board of not one but four (4) community organizations. That sounds kind of crazy, but let me break it down. First of all there is Think New Orleans. I believe I am technically on the board of Think New Orleans, but I’ve acted mostly in an advisory […]

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