Couple of weird dreams lately. Two night ago, I dreamed we got an extra-thick Times-Picayune on our front porch. It was a Sunday. We don’t subscribe to the Sunday paper. I realized the reduced print schedule must have kicked in. I got out a knife and stabbed the paper just to see how thick it […]

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I had my phone turned off from Saturday night when I went to bed until after noon Sunday. When I fired it back up, I got a volley of three text messages from my sister via Twitter. U still up? Txt me from ur personal. For some reason she doesn’t have my phone number. She […]

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All of a sudden I’m getting a surge of traffic to this old photo of my birthday cake from 1984. I trace the hits back to a tweet from a journalist in Paris (with a Troll 2 background no less) named Alex Hervaud. Dude’s got 6,718 followers. Here’s the tweet: Si j’avais fêté mes 17 […]

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I just posted the following suggestion on Get Satisfaction: When getting a notification that someone’s following me, it would be nice to see how many people have blocked them. The e-mail notification currently includes how many followers they have, how many tweets they’ve posted, and how many people are following them. However, I’m betting a […]

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Twitter has become such a faddish phenomenon it’s almost embarrassing. Amidst all the hype of celebrity tweeters and whatnot, it’s easy to lose sight of the flexibility and just plain usefulness of this tool. This was driven home to me when I was recently visiting with my sister. She’s not very cyber-wired and wasn’t really […]

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