I won’t be there, but this sounds interesting: Valentine’s day press conference 11:00 am in front of city hall to celebrate the love between the city council and the private interests who will make millions demolishing public housing. Half hour, fun, satirical protest! Wear red, bring a date! [via txt msg from Brice Nice]

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The struggle over public housing has been building for years here in New Orleans. Now it’s ramping up to new levels. It’s a disgusting and pathetic spectacle. With apologies to Mom and Dad, it’s a clusterfuck. There’s just no other word to describe it. I don’t have it in me to play reporter and account […]

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I got an e-mail yesterday morning announcing a bold reversal of policy by HUD. They were planning to re-open the shuttered public housing projects and allow residents displaced by the flooding to return home! I get so much e-mail I often scan things quickly, but this caught my eye, particularly the part of the press […]

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