So for the last seven months I’ve been baking bread pretty much every week. It started on Lammas, also known as the Loaf-Mass, when Persephone and I baked mother and daughter loaves. After that I decided to keep baking for a while. Xy and I are in the habit of making sandwiches for lunch at […]

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I touched on the idea of dialog as a practice which I hope to cultivate. Here are some other practices which I’m, um, practicing, with some regularity. Mindfulness meditation. Writing. Baking bread. I took yoga classes for about three months, but cut them as an austerity measure; now that our finances have stabilized I should […]

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What’s in an Acronym I work at an HBCU. That acronym is not recognized by my spellchecker, nor was it in my vocabulary until I came to work here. It stands for “Historically Black College or University,” a term which requires even more unpacking. In a nutshell, the story is this. Once upon a time […]

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