I went back to my neighborhood today. The flood-damaged crap which Michael and I had hauled out from my house to the curb was still there, a huge pile. In fact, it was even bigger than we left it, as a number of homes in the neighborhood are apparently being gutted. Piles of refuse line […]

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The Times-Picayune reports that a record producer named John Fischbach had his drivers license temporarily confiscated for speeding in a school zone, just like Xy a couple weeks ago. He got pissed off about it, and he is challenging the constitutionality of the law. Xy will be happy to hear about this.

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Last month, a woman named Mai Thi Nguyen was killed here in New Orleans as she worked behind the counter at a grocery store. It was an attempted robbery that turned into a senseless murder. Three men were arrested. One of the men was released two weeks ago. The judge said the surveillance tapes and […]

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