/ CC BY 2.0 This passage in a news story caught my eye. Mary Rickard for Reuters: Along with a championship team, New Orleans has a new mayor in Mitch Landrieu, who won election on Saturday by a wide margin. Landrieu, the city’s first white mayor in more than 30 years, pledged to bridge […]

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I got my sample ballot. Here’s how I plan to vote in the runoff Saturday: Clerk, Criminal District Court Nick Varrecchio, Democrat, Ballot # 21 Mayor, City of New Orleans “Mitch” Landrieu, Democrat, Ballot # 61 Councilmember(s) at Large Arnie Fielkow, Democrat, Ballot # 73 Councilmember, District B Stacy Head, Democrat, Ballot # 92 I […]

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I’m skeptical of the polls on the upcoming New Orleans elections. It’s difficult to conduct an accurate poll under our current circumstances. I’ve seen at least one that used pre-Katrina landline phone numbers. The flaws in that methodology should be obvious to anyone familiar with recent events here, but just to drive the point home: […]

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