Today I led a discussion centered around the topic of our passions and desires. “By what star do we navigate our journey on the earth? What we love will shape our days and provide the texture of our inner and outer life. How can we plant what we love in the garden of this life?” […]

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Note: I was working on this miniature essay just before Katrina. I’ve only just finished now. I fully realize that most people don’t think much about whether or not to have kids. They either know what they want and act on that instinct, or they don’t think about it at all and just do what […]

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Xy & I went to Sean & Dawn’s wedding. (Sean is Xy’s partner teacher, and they have a great working relationship. I’m grateful to him even though I hardly know him personally.) I love weddings, and this was a great one, and interesting in a number of respects. The ceremony was held at St. Peter […]

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