It was some fun watching the Saints dismantle the Patriots last night. And now I’m doing the wave. No, not the audience wave — I’m not that big of a sports fan and I do still have my basic sense of human dignity. I’m talking about Google Wave. Google describes Wave as “a personal communication […]

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I used eGroups back in the day. They got bought out by Yahoo in 2000 and became a part of Yahoo Groups, but I know at least one guy who still calls ’em eGroups. Sometime thereafter Google got into the game. I believe Google Groups started as a Usenet archive, but they rather quickly deployed […]

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As of this moment, a bit of doggerel I wrote last year is the number one search result in Google for “christmas eve poem.” (Update: Five minutes later and I’ve already slipped down two notches.) (Update: 36 hours later and I’m back on top again. Didn’t realize Google fluctuated so much.)

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