We’re extremely fortunate that we did not burn down the house last night. Xy had just made a couple trays of her famous pseudo-enchiladas. She had a tray baking in the oven when a strange odor began to permeate the kitchen. It smelled like something burning. Perhaps some food remnant crusted on the bottom of […]

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I wanted to record before I forget that as Xy and I were coming home from an errand Friday, we saw there were lots of firetrucks clustered around Lindy Boggs Medical Center (aka Mercy). Later we learned that someone had broken in and started a small fire. [WWL has video.] I further learned (through discussion […]

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While New Orleans was getting soaked yesterday, San Diego was encircled by wildfires. Today comes the news that 300,000 people are being asked to evacuate in San Diego county alone. Dangerblond says that’s more than Katrina. I’m worried about my friend Mary, who sent this e-mail yesterday evening: San Diego is surrounded by fires in […]

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If you want an idea of how screwed up things are here in New Orleans, consider this. Earlier this week a hotel caught on fire. It’s the Economy Lodge Motel, located right downtown. It took firefighters all night to put the fire out. The hotel hasn’t been operational since the flood. That was eighteen months […]

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Yesterday morning I was taking a coffee break with some co-workers, and looking out our fourth-floor window we noticed a column of black smoke rising in the near distance, just across I-10 in Mid-City. Good God, could that be our house? I rode my bike over and discovered the fire was quite some distance from […]

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So we’d just gotten in the car with our friends Scott and Justine who are visiting from Bloomington. We hadn’t even left our block when Xy noticed smoke rising up from the porch of the house on the corner. Images of the many recent fires in New Orleans flashed through my mind as I jumped […]

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