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Yesterday morning I was taking a coffee break with some co-workers, and looking out our fourth-floor window we noticed a column of black smoke rising in the near distance, just across I-10 in Mid-City. Good God, could that be our house?

I rode my bike over and discovered the fire was quite some distance from our house. It was on the 3800 block of D’Hemecourt, near South Cortez. I could see flames shooting up a couple blocks away. Five or six houses were burning. It was a terrible thing to behold. I took some pictures, and a couple short videos, but when I got back to my office I discovered all the files were corrupted:


It turns out that Karen was also there, and she took some pictures:

Mid City Fire

I returned to the scene after lunch. The last fire truck was just leaving. Residents were milling about in a state of shock. One house burned right to the ground.


Firefighters say they’re at the breaking point.

That evening, I gave Walter a ride home on the way to a meeting. Turns out he lives just one or two doors down from the houses that burned. I found that kind of eerie.

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