I got news yesterday that Jeff Hamlin has passed on. Jeff was not too much older than me. He was an entrepreneur who helped start Pizza Express in Bloomington, Indiana. Throughout the calendar year of 1996 he helped us try to figure out a business plan for ROX. We did not succeed, but it sure […]

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My friend Daisy told me the following Katrina story. It’s a simple tale, but kind of chilling. I wanted to record it before I forget. Daisy and her husband stayed through Katrina, and their Garden District apartment was relatively unscathed. They lost power, of course, and they heard about the looting at Wal-Mart but they […]

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Elliott and Elizabeth had to put their old friend Slim to sleep Wednesday. He was almost 14. Also on Wednesday my Aunt Suzanne passed away at St. Vincent’s hospital in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I’m not certain but I think it might have been a stroke. I don’t know her age, but I’m guessing she was […]

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I learned a few days ago that our neighbor Dan died back in October. I don’t know where or how, but we certainly miss him. He will never cut our little patch of grass or fix our door again. Rest in peace, Dan. Update: Shortly after posting this, I learned that MaPĆ³’s mother died just […]

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Met a guy from Mid-City this morning while eating breakfast at Slim Goodies. He said he was working a job that sounds pretty gruesome: pulling bodies from homes in the Lower Ninth Ward. “Extraction,” they call it. I was surprised. “Are they still finding bodies?” “Oh yeah. More like body parts at this point. After […]

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When I came home from my book club meeting today, Xy was crying. Our neighbor, Richard, had just told her some bad news. She didn’t get all the details, so I talked to Richard myself and confirmed the following: Around seven o’clock this morning, he saw a car stop and pick up a dead cat […]

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The girls across the street don’t live with their parents. Dad’s in jail, and the girls are being raised by their paternal grandmother. I don’t really know Mom’s story. Her name’s Danita. She lives in the Calliope, a housing project not too far from here. She comes around occasionally. But I should use the past […]

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Death. You know, it seems absurd, but actually the death of our cat Bilal is the closest that death has touched my life — ever. Considering that I’m now 35, I think that’s pretty fucking weird. But then again: This was a sudden, unexpected death… We found the body ourselves… We had to figure out […]

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