Our friend Scott Brown, a teacher at Xy’s school, had his apartment burglarized today. The thief took his computer and all his CDs and a few other things. Not a great loss financially, but he felt really violated and freaked out and scared. He’s already gotten out of his lease and will start looking for […]

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There were so many murders in New Orleans yesterday that a shooting near our house didn’t even make the news. Xy heard shots fired around 5pm. Apparently no one was hurt. A few hours earlier and just a few blocks further, a thirteen-year-old boy shot a sixteen-year-old boy in the face by accident. He’s in […]

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Last month, a woman named Mai Thi Nguyen was killed here in New Orleans as she worked behind the counter at a grocery store. It was an attempted robbery that turned into a senseless murder. Three men were arrested. One of the men was released two weeks ago. The judge said the surveillance tapes and […]

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