Today is not only the four month anniversary of Katrina’s landfall. More importantly, it is Xy’s birthday. We celebrated by dining at La Crépe Nanou. Our friend David took us out there about a year ago, and Xy promptly designated it as her favorite restaurant, mainly for their namesake dessert. We had a good meal, […]

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My birthday. 38 is the first number I’ve hit that sounds old to me. And given my game knee, which doesn’t feel any better after two days of rest, I’m feeling kind of old too. Today is also Martin Luther King Junior Day, but of course MLK was born on January 15th, not the 17th. […]

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I called my dad to wish him a happy birthday. Turns out he had a bunch of guests there for a big party, so I called back a little later and caught him just when the last guest had left. Turns out it’s not just any birthday party… It’s his 70th birthday. I had no […]

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