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  1. As a sheer technicality I must point out that Ben was not born in 1967.

    In fact, today is his 300th birthday. And here I was feeling old.

    Come to think of it, Ben’s 300th seems quite a bit more significant Evelyn Nesbit’s death, or birth, or anything she did. I think I missed the mark with my post. I’m having blogger’s remorse!

  2. Mom Mom

    Happy Birthday! I remember the day quite well. After watching Super Bowl I, your father and I headed for bed. In the middle of the night I awoke with the first indication that labor was beginning and you would soon make your way into the world. It was also final exam time at the University of Tulsa (I’m not sure how that affected your Dad’s schedule–my memory is a little hazy on this) but you were well overdue since we were expecting our little bundle to arrive about January 4 (if I recall correctly).

    To make a long story short, since in those days we didn’t know the gender of our baby until he/she came into the world, we finally decided on the name Bart (Barton) in honor of Bart Starr, the legendary QB of the Green Bay Packers who we thought was a worthy role model following Super Bowl I.

    We send our love and wishes for the coming year as you make your way to XL.

  3. Shoot, don’t do that. I know all sorts of stuff about BF, but I knew nothing about Evlyn Nesbit and all those scoundrels and affairs and shootings! That was much most interesting!!


  4. Sophmom is correct B……………don’t fret! Time is the one constant we have in life, especially in this ever changing world (especially the ever changing world of persons from NOLA) Cherish your B day! Seize it, make it yours!

    I didn’t know anything about Evlyn Nesbit either……..until I read the wilkapedia post!

    If anything is true, you have done nothing but teach a great many people about the ever changing places, times, and things-with subtext……hehe

    Keep the information flowing, for true riches lie inside the human mind!

  5. Happy b-day a bit late. I’m in Las Vegas celebrating the anniversary of my arrival on this planet, which was 1/20/71. The girlfriend, a native Wisconsonian and Cheesehead for life appreciates the story of your naming. My parents chose Jonathan apparently because it means “gift from God”, which is a bit ironic, considering how I turned out spiritually.

  6. […] took these minutes on my 39th birthday, which was the day the University re-opened after the flooding of the city. What a strange day. […]

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