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Helen Hill Has Not Been Forgotten

Helen & Rosie

Today marks ten years since Helen Hill died. I knew her, I loved her, I felt her loss badly — and I still do.

(Since people always ask, I feel obligated to note that no one has ever been charged in her murder.)

Recently I got some good news from Dr. Paul G.: In collaboration with Colorlab of Maryland (and with assistance from Trixy and Randall, Lecie, Becky Lewis, and Courtney Egan) a bunch of Helen’s films have been transferred to a digital format and are now available for online viewing. The set even includes the first film she ever made on her own, at age 12 (1982), “The House of Sweet Magic”.

You can see ’em here:

Paul says he loves watching these and hopes that maybe they will inspire others to make movies now — as they did in Helen’s lifetime.
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