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First Day of School

Today was Persephone’s first day of school ever.

First Day of School

She’s going to a small Catholic school on the West Bank of Jefferson Parish. I never thought I’d be sending my daughter there, but it’s the same school where Xy teaches, so the convenience is unbeatable. There are precious few publicly-funded pre-K3 programs in town. We don’t get any price breaks thru Xy, but it so happens that tuition is cheaper than daycare. We could pay $7K for another ten months of daycare, or $4K for school. Easy choice, really.

The girl took it all in stride. She was neither anxious nor particularly excited. I thought it might be rough adjusting to a new and earlier morning routine, but it was all very smooth.

So far, so good.

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  1. rickngentilly rickngentilly

    yall must be so proud. congrats on another milestone.

    my pard in arkansas called me tonight and told me about a trails to rail thing he’s working on.

    i refered him to all the links from what yall are doing.

    i think his path might be as hard as yalls but hopefully shorter.

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