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Snow White

Here’s Persephone’s directorial debut.

Xy — Snow White
Persephone — Nice Fairy
Michael — Grumpy
Therese — Dopey
Nicole — Flower
David — Prince

Cinematography by yours truly.

Obviously this was mostly improvised, but Persephone engineered the basic situation. She assigned roles and costumes. She didn’t want a Wicked Queen in her movie, for example, and she inserted the fairy and flower characters. She said she wanted to make a version of Snow White no one had ever seen before. Of course, with no Wicked Queen, she insisted that there would be no poisoned apple. I’m not sure how the story would have developed. But when the players started improvising, they couldn’t resist taking the story in that direction. Also, any student of folklore could tell you that the prince didn’t revive Snow White with a kiss. That was Sleeping Beauty. But who could argue with this prince’s roguish charm?

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  1. David David

    The auteur is on record as not being happy with the rendering of Grumpy, so if the film isn’t satisfactory, we know who to blame.

  2. That’s right. I forgot that detail. After the shoot Persephone accused Grumpy of “not participating.” He defended himself as being in character.

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