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Final Friday

And so it’s come to this, at last, inexorably and inevitably.

The final day of our vacation.

Persephone started her morning as she usually did, with some painting.


I spent some time reading Palimpsest by Catherynne M. Valente, but I didn’t make much progress.


I’d been picking away at it all week. This book reads like a fever dream, gorgeous and strange, but perhaps not the best choice for the beach. It was already so hot that everything seemed kind of surreal.

Atlantic Bells

The Breezeway

Well Carved


Florida Keys

One thing I love about the Driftwood is the fact that there are all sorts of unique little details everywhere. So much of our modern world is prefab and generic. Four year ago, for example, I was taken by the fact that tiles had been set into the concrete stairs. It’s a simple thing, and easy to overlook, which is why I was delighted when Persephone noticed it too.


Each time we climbed these stairs she remarked on the tiles.

As we contemplated our imminent departure, we saw others who were just arriving.

Load In

To celebrate our final evening in Vero, Xy took us all to Kilwin’s.


I know it’s silly but I felt a little burst of civic pride upon seeing a reference to home in the ice cream selection.

New Orleans Praline Cream

I enjoyed my ice cream, but the real treat was seeing Persephone devour a cone of some multicolored monstrosity called “Superman.”



More about Superman tomorrow.

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  1. Robyn Robyn

    My girls used to choose Superman at a local ice cream shop! The “best” part of that is the surprise you get the next day that makes you wonder if something is very, very wrong with your baby. But no! It’s just all those ridiculous dyes making their through her system.

    It looks like you had a great week!

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