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  1. David David

    And do what? Something kinky?

  2. Julie (Marietta,GA) Julie (Marietta,GA)

    Ok, you’ve got me on this one! What’s the street?

  3. Brooks Brooks

    Flight’s booked. I’ll dribble hot chicken blood over y’all while you do your kinky thing.

    Oh, wait…..that’s 666.

    Never mind.

  4. rickngentilly rickngentilly

    im in.

    ill bring some grub.

    whats the theme?

    cooks gotta plan , yo.

  5. I pass that building every day on my commute (by bike or truck). What is the significance of the day?

  6. @David: It’s only kinky the first time.
    @Julie: South Jeff Davis
    @Brooks: Ha!
    Rick: Hmm, what’s good eleveny food? Two hot dogs? Two carrots? Two of anything vaguely phallic? Or four, I suppose. It’s only kinky the first time.
    @Pat: Add eleven seconds and it starts to look pretty impressive.

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