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Two Videos

Here are two cool videos that have bounced into my life over the last 24 hours.

Hola, B!

This comes from someone I’ve never met, a guy in Philadelphia. Sometimes with all this “cultural production” I do — not sure what else to call it — I feel like I’m whispering down a well. Why do I bother? Feedback like this reminds me.

Drypoint Printmaking

Drypoint Printmaking from XULAneXUS on Vimeo.

This is a basic introduction to drypoint printmaking. I shot this video, but all the rest — script, voiceover, editing — was done by Nile Lang who is also the star. I did a little advising but Nile did the work, and I believe it’s the first video he’s ever edited. Well done, Nile. I’m happy with the result and glad to have been a part of it. This is a project for XULAneXUS.

I should stop here but because I’m a firm believer in the “Rule of Three” I’ll throw in one more, which doesn’t have any connection to the above or to me, except I find it amusing.

Got Satanists?

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  1. I would like to say “thank you,” too! I’ve been reading your blog since a year after Katrina, when I started working at a nonprofit in Houston with a Katrina/Rita recovery program. Part of my job was keeping up with conditions in New Orleans in order to give people good information about returning home. I don’t remember how I initially found your blog, but it was a helpful for me to get a glimpse of people’s lives in the city. Even though the grant ended two years ago, I’ve continued to enjoy reading your blog. Thanks!

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