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The Internet Is Such a Strange Place

An Educational Experience

This is a photocollage, titled “An Educational Experience,” by Harinder Kaur, posted on Flickr yesterday. If the picture itself isn’t bizarre enough for you, check out this description.


At the terrarium, the Snippy family were enjoying a happy summer’s day studying the bizarre rituals of the humans on land when they all suddenly noticed that the youngest fry had somehow joined in with the Swimming Ritual, which, of course, was of great interest to the fish. They were so interested that they failed to notice that the second youngest fry had made its way into the Eating Ritual enclosure.

The reason this caught my attention is that it incorporates a photo I took at the Sav-a-Center on Tchoupitoulas ten years ago.


I published the photo under Creative Commons, so Harinder is free to remix it as she pleases, with proper attribution.

This is a timely development, as I’m doing a workshop on Creative Commons in a couple weeks. Perhaps I will use this as an example.

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