I’ll be on that panel tonight (Katrina 5.0) and they’ve asked me to read a post from my blog from the first few weeks after Katrina.

The question, of course, is which one?

My mind immediately sprang to something I wrote at the end of that dark November, which I titled Random Electronic Squawking.

But I thought I’d ask any readers out there for suggestions. If you remember something specific I wrote from five years ago, then it must pack a certain punch. I’m inclined to think people remember the general overarching narrative rather than specific posts, but feel free to prove me wrong.

Hurry, though — showtime is seven o’clock tonight. Though of course I’d still be interested in hearing your thoughts after the fact. And by all means come on out to the Presbytère tonight if you can.

  1. Wondering, perhaps some of the up-to-the-moment entries YOU posted then
    gave timely results, in useful replies, which info you then acted upon in your
    decision-making at a crucial moment?
    I think, looking back, that you and Xy were among recon-scout-leaders for the cautious, not-yet-returning types, reporting
    that the facts are there, and not pleasant, but that working at it is not useless.
    Bravo, again…wish I had more of your positivity!

  2. there is an old public speaking axiom.

    allways open with a joke.

    show a pic of the bud light teddy bear with a bra and you will have them in the palm of your hand.

    it will buy you the first five min. easy.

    good luck sir.

    shit. looks like i got here to late.

    let us know how it went.

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