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A Very Silly Dream

Over the last week I’ve been sleeping less soundly and remembering my dreams better. I believe the two are related, and decreased alcohol consumption probably plays a role in both. The most vivid dreams come just before I wake up.

This morning, I dreamed that Brian Denzer was working on a newspaper story about the Big Easy Roller Girls, who had suffered a crushing defeat or setback of some sort. His problem was the headline: It had to be short, very short, no room even for the full name of the team. I came up with what I thought was a brilliant solution: “BERG Iced.”

I woke up briefly, or dreamed that I did, so pleased with myself that I almost laughed out loud. Then I fell back asleep. Next thing I knew I was explaining the headline to Nicole Kibath in her kitchen in Toronto.

I should have written this down first thing in the morning. The precise details have faded now. What exactly happened to the Big Easy Roller Girls? How did I know what Brian was writing? Was I looking over his shoulder in the newsroom or floating over his head like a guardian angel or what? What newspaper was he writing for? And, above all, what did Nicole’s kitchen look like?

Post Scriptum: In real life, Brian is not a newspaper writer, at least not to my knowledge, but he is the relentless brains behind NolaStat. Nicole makes beautiful art glass. I’m a big fan of both, and also of the Big Easy Roller Girls, whom I’m sure will prevail at their upcoming home game on August 14th.

Post Post Scriptum: Next morning, I dreamt of an elephant who committed suicide by jumping into a river of bourbon.

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  1. rickngentilly rickngentilly

    whenever i give up alcohol or tobacco for any amount of time i always have some very vivid and interesting dreams.

    this morning i woke up having dreamed that the saints had just won another super bowl .

    this time against the buffalo bills.

    the dream was so vivid i could remember each quarter of the game and also going to work the next day where even the saints haters there were chanting two dat.

    i actually laid in bed for a good five minutes letting that sink in and not believing it didn’t really happen.

  2. Annette Annette

    Writing headlines in your sleep? I think you missed your calling.

  3. DianeDz DianeDz

    The elephant dream is rife with symbolism. I too find that I don’t always sleep as soundly when I’m san-alcohol. BUT, when I exercise and don’t consume any, I feel wonderfully rested when I wake up. too much alcohol is definitely a bad thing. Trying to curb my intake as well…

  4. They say everyone in your dreams is you. You are writing about the Big Easy Roller Girls, and you are the elephant jumping into a bunch of bourbon.

  5. David David

    Brian did do a story about the Roller Girls’ first bout for Community Gumbo on WTUL. And that’s really funny that you told Nicole about it.

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