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Sandbox Dialog

We stopped by our friends’ house yesterday and I talked to a couple four-year-old-boys playing in the sandbox. One of the boys had a sucker that had gotten coated with sand.

Me: Mmm, sand, that’s my favorite flavor.

Russell: Do you want it?

Me: No thanks, I just ate a bunch of sand before I came over here.

Sebastian: Did you eat Sephie’s purple sand? [Editor’s note: My daughter has a box full of purple sand, a gift from her grandmother.]

Me: Yes, I ate it all up, it was yummy.

Russell: Are you just joking with us?

Me: Yes, I’m just kidding.

Sebastian: I don’t really get that joke.

Me: Well… it’s just a ridiculous thing to say, because people don’t really eat sand.

Russell: I do!

And with that, he opened wide and poured a full bucket of sand into his mouth.

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