I can’t take the blame for this one. That goes to Michael Homan. But if you watch closely you’ll see me a few times throughout this incredibly weird video.

Xy’s in there too. Also, Persephone makes her first appearance in a speaking role. I always thought that would be in ROX. Guess I’ve been slacking off.

I’m actually very impressed with the final product. Michael enlisted his whole family and a bunch of friends as well. It’s great to know such creative people. Most impressive: the costume which was designed by Michael’s daughter Kalypso. I wonder who the fool in the monster suit is?

Anyway, you absolutely have to watch this video.

  1. What other actor can state that her first speaking role in a film consisted of the words “Hot Sauce?” IMDB this, bitchiz.

    Xy’s “Release The Boom” was pretty danged hilarious, too.

  2. That drained every drop of urine from my bladder! Mother of God, wayyyyyy over the top! Persephone was a smash, as were you all. Of course, viewing the rise and fall of Geauxjira made me very hungry!

  3. and the webby goes to…………………….

    hot sauce kid.

    my pal from algiers just watched this and i can honestly say p’s line is the first time he has laughed in weeks.

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